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Choice Checking

These valuable services are included with your account for a base monthly service fee that you can eliminate just by doing things you probably already do. See "How It Works" for details.

Rewards Card

The account that revolves around you!

This is one account that revolves around you. From online and local discounts, to ID Fraud protection and identity restoration, you enjoy the purchasing power and peace of mind you deserve.


Enjoy rebates from national retailers and great instant discounts with local merchants.


This account includes Identity Protection and ID Fraud Restoration that helps resolve issues on your behalf.

Merchant Rewards

Savings made simple.

Boost your buying power with our online savings program and receive great discounts and rebates at local and national retailers. You'll have access to savings on everything from daily necessities to big screen TVs. Your membership in this exclusive discount program comes at no extra cost — it's included with your Choice Checking account. To get started, go to www.anywhererewards.com and create a username and password. Remember to have your checking account information with you when you sign up.



Enjoy rebates of up to 30% at some of the biggest brand name online retailers. Simply make your purchase and the rebate will be automatically deposited back into your checking account.


Whether you're looking for a bite to eat, heading to the mall, or planning a big weekend, you'll always have ways to save. Simply enter your zip code to find discounts and specials at nearby retailers. It's that easy!


Just clip and print our free, online grocery coupons to save on food and household products at your local supermarket — everyday savings for your everyday living.

Rewards Card

And remember...when you pay with your debit card, you'll be erasing your Choice Checking monthly service fee too!

Fraud Protection

Comprehensive protection for complete peace of mind.


With around-the-clock monitoring, we help ensure that your identity has not been compromised. This protection begins immediately after you enroll and we monitor up to six debit and credit cards and all personal information that you provide. If we detect anything unusual, we notify you immediately.


If you suspect your identity has been compromised, our Restoration Specialists are just a toll-free phone call away. A dedicated professional will provide hands-on assistance to restore your identity while you get on with your life. We contact all affected vendors and/or agencies on your behalf, including credit card companies, financial institutions, all three credit reporting agencies, local and federal courts, Social Security Administration, and the Department of Motor Vehicles.


You will also be automatically enrolled in a Lost Wallet Service. As the name implies, if you lose your wallet, we work with you to replace those crucial items, including your driver's license and/or personal ID, credit cards, debit cards, and medical cards—the things you rely on every day.

How It Works

Say good-bye to your monthly service fee.

In addition to Merchant Rewards and Fraud Protection, you also have the power to reduce or even eliminate your monthly service fee, just by using your debit card. The more you swipe your card, the smaller your fee becomes.

Monthly Fee


Begin each monthly qualification cycle with a $6.00 monthly service fee.


Reduce the fee by $2.00 when you enroll and receive your secure online eStatement notice.

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Reduce the fee by $0.25 each time a debit card purchase posts and settles during the qualification cycle, until the fee is eliminated.



What are the features of Choice Checking?

  • Choice Checking offers great national and local discounts, Identity Protection and ID Fraud Restoration. In addition, you have the ability to reduce the monthly fee per monthly qualification cycle by doing things you probably already do.

How do the national and local discounts work?

  • Visit www.anywhererewards.com to enroll and take advantage of cash rebates, local discounts and grocery coupons. For online purchases at national retailers, rebates are automatically deposited back into your checking account. For local discounts and grocery coupons, simply print the coupons to redeem in-store.

Is there a limit to the number of discounts I can use?

  • No. You enjoy as many of the discounts, coupons and online rebates as you like.

Can anyone use www.anywhererewards.com to get the discount?

  • Only current Choice Checking account holders are eligible to receive these discounts.

How do I access Identity Protection?

  • Soon after you enroll in Choice Checking you will receive an email with instructions to enroll at https://MyIdGuard.merchantsinfo.com and a unique ID number. Simply follow the instructions on the email and use the code to gain access. During enrollment you will set up your own username and password.

How many cards can I have monitored?

  • You can register up to twenty-five debit and/or credit cards for protection.

What is ID Fraud Restoration and how does it work?

  • If you suspect your identity has been compromised, simply call 866-647-6221 toll-free to be connected with a fraud specialist. This dedicated expert provides hands-on assistance to restore your identity on your behalf.

What is the monthly fee for this account?

  • Choice Checking has a $6.00 monthly fee. But you can reduce or eliminate the monthly fee each monthly qualification cycle by having debit card purchases post and settle your account.
  • You can also be enrolled and receive eStatement notice to reduce your monthly fee by $2.00.

How do I reduce or eliminate my monthly fee?

  • Being enrolled and receiving an eStatement notice reduces your monthly fee by $2.00 for each qualification cycle. You can further reduce the monthly fee by $0.25 for each qualified debit card purchase that posts and settles your account within the qualification cycle, until the monthly fee is eliminated.

Can I "roll over" debit card purchases to eliminate my monthly fee in the next qualification cycle?

  • No. Once the monthly fee is eliminated, additional debit card purchases in that qualification cycle will not count toward the following cycle's qualifications.

What is the difference between my qualification cycle and statement cycle?

  • The statement cycle for Choice Checking ends on the last day of each month.
  • The qualification cycle will always begin with the last business day of the previous statement cycle, and end the business day prior to the next statement cycle date.

How do I open a Choice Checking account?

  • Simply visit one of our branches or click Request More on this site to get started.

Is there a minimum balance to open a Choice Checking account?

  • The minimum opening deposit is $1.00

Is there a minimum balance required to maintain the account or to receive the benefits?

  • There is no minimum balance required to maintain the account or receive the benefits.

How do I deposit money?

  • Use Direct Deposit for your payroll or government checks; this gives you instant access to your funds without having to visit a branch. Most employers and most government agencies offer this free service. If your employer does offer Direct Deposit, great! They'll have you fill out a simple form and you'll be good to go.
  • Wire transfer money from your current account into your newly opened account (contact Noble Bank & Trust for details).
  • Mail your checks to Noble Bank & Trust.

How do I access my money?

  • Shortly after opening a Choice Checking account, Noble Bank & Trust sends you a free MasterCard debit card. Use this card anywhere that accepts Visa/MasterCard.
  • If you'd still like to use paper checks, just contact Noble Bank & Trust to get set up.
  • Choice Checking also has free online banking. With online banking, you can access your account from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Bank online to pay bills, view account activity, transfer funds between accounts and confirm deposit amounts.

Do checks come with this account?

  • Yes, you can still get and use checks as you would with any checking account. After opening your Choice Checking account, contact Noble Bank & Trust for details on ordering your checks.

How do I check my balance?

  • Noble Bank & Trust offers free online banking with 24-hour access to your account information.
  • Contact Noble Bank & Trust toll free at 877-457-4967, locally at 256-741-1800 or email us at accountsupport@noblebank.com and we'll be glad to assist you.

What if I need to talk to someone at the institution?

  • Simply call Noble Bank & Trust toll free at 877-457-4967, locally at 256-741-1800 or email us at accountsupport@noblebank.com and we'll provide the same great service you get when you visit one of our branches.

Is Choice Checking insured?

  • Yes. Choice Checking is insured by the FDIC.